A Cybrary, cyber-library, is a list of categories containing  annotated links to webpages, research papers, and applications ordered by subject/content areas. The list is generated by many teachers and students working in the specific subject area.

Each link also has a discussion area behind it. When you add a link, please start the discussion area. 

Cybrary (6-8) contains links to activities, links to research and links to teacher tools  suitable for 6-8 students

Instructions for adding a link to a category:

  1. Select  the category listed below. A new page appears.
  2. In the General area, click Turn editing on (upper right).
  3. Click +Add an activity or resource. A window with a list appears.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click the radio button adjacent to URL.
  5. Click Add. A new window opens.
  6. Enter the page title of the link you have selected. 
  7. Enter a description of the link.
  8. Select the check box labeled .Display description on project page.
  9. Enter the External URLRequired field you have selected.
  10. Click Appearance. The display area opens.
  11. Un-check the box adjacent to Display URL description.
  12. Open the display drop-down menu and select in Pop-up.
  13. At the bottom of the page, click Save and return to project.

Links and copies of various lesson plans


Activities for students that involve functions.

This category contains apps, links and research to information and activities about Expressions and Equations.

Links for Performance Tasks aligned to the state standards, which raises the rigor and intensity of learning. 

Links, applications, and games for Geometry standards. 

Link to learn about Integers

Links, applications for middle school students geared toward the learning and comprehension of statistics and probability.

Ratios and Proportions for middle school students.