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Welcome and Introductions.

Note: We will work at the pace of the slowest person. Please be patient and help your neighbor. We will have breaks about every 90 minutes.  

Each teacher, please say your Name, Grade level, Number of years of teaching, and Describe your favorite math tool or activity. 

2016 - MSP Academy Overview - Bonnie Thurber

Your Turn

2016 - Social Media Tools

2017 & 2016 - Synchronous Communication with 

Equipment overview: 

  • Does everyone have a the ability to browse the web with a computer, tablet, or smartphone and internet connection? 
  • Does everyone have a headset with a microphone attached?  

What is Zoom?  Watch demonstration.

Your turn

2016 - Asynchronous Communication with  - Bonnie Thurber

Your turn:

2016 - Cybrary - Bonnie Thurber

Logging in, Navigation Creating, Saving and discussing links in the Cybrary
Viewing each others links   

2017 & 2016 - Discussion and follow through.